About Us

Our Mission

SHADES is dedicated to fostering connections between the racially/ethnically multicultural Same-Gender Loving (SGL), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) students of The Ohio State University.

The group’s focus is to attract and engage people of color who are at various stages of understanding the coming out process, questioning or accepting their sexuality and/or understanding the SGL/LGBT community.
Again, we also WELCOME ALL ALLIES/SUPPORTERS, as they are valuable to the growth, acceptance and the amalgamation of our members and the communities in which we should belong.

SHADES is intended to provide a safe environment and support system where members can speak freely among students and for this reason, we request that each member respect the privacy of others and maintain the confidentiality of any discussions that take place during meetings.

Our Vision

We hope, by establishing such a pioneering organization on The Ohio State University’s increasingly diverse campus, that SHADES will be able to help cultivate the minds, bodies, and souls of our members. By providing sanctuary and building a growing network of different individuals who share similar experiences living as SGL/LGBT people of color, we hope to raise the sense of self-worth, identity, and community in our members and inspire each and every one of them to take full pride in their “pride.”

Our constitution can be accessed through the Ohio Union Website: Here

“We will be SEEN. We will be HEARD.”


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